We focus on bringing sustainable solutions to food, agriculture, and water.


We take a long-term approach to solving problems of the 21st century—building great companies with expert operators and long-term capital commitments that result in measurable positive environmental impact.

Turas Mara (noun): long journey


Turas Mara brings a long term capital approach, which means:

  1. We are permanently capitalized in an evergreen structure.

  2. We have no predefined timelines for realizing equity, unlike traditional VC or PE firms. 

  3. We focus on working with businesses to generate strong cash flow that can organically drive growth and develop strong balance sheets. We work with businesses to make them as sustainable financially as they aspire to be environmentally.


Who We Are

We have a passion for challenging ideas and pursuing perfection. We embody humility, candor, and respect.


At Turas Mara, our approach is a combination of value-based investing and strong business disciplines, paired with core values that we live every day. We do the right thing, put people first, and go to the source to change the way people do business and interact with the world.




richard cargill, founder

Richard Cargill is the Founder of Turas Mara. He started Turas Mara out of his home in Minneapolis in 2018. Richard oversees the systemization of Turas Mara’s research into strategies, manages the development of proprietary investment management models, and directs the design and implementation of investment strategies.

Richard is committed to building a community of critical thinkers who want to challenge assumptions and change the way companies interact with their environments.

Before founding Turas Mara, Richard founded two companies in the indoor rock climbing industry and coached competitive climbing. Richard holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Geology from the University of Minnesota. He is an avid rock climber with interests in wild spaces, and food & agriculture.

Richard is involved with CommonHope, a non-profit educational organization in Guatemala.


sara atkinson, analysT

Sara Atkinson is an analyst at Turas Mara responsible for the research, development, and implimentation of investment strategies with Richard. During her tenure at Turas Mara, she has been a partner in developing all aspects of Turas Mara’s investment process and strategy.

Before joining Turas Mara, Sara worked on both the sell side at Piper Jaffray & the buy side at Varde Partners. She holds Bachelor of Arts degrees in economics and finance from the University of St. Thomas.


what we do

“The world’s challenges won’t be solved with the traditional tool of capital deployment.”

- Richard Cargill, Founder

Dissatisfied with the incentive structure and timeline of the classic 2 and 20 structure, we felt there was a better way to bring change. We’re doing so by taking a long term approach to solving the challenges of the 21st century, being true long term builders of companies focused on strong cash flow growth and real environmental and economic impact.

TURAS MARA is looking for businesses that are at the intersection of the human aspiration to live better and the need to better care for our environment and prioritize the future health of our planet. 

We look for companies that are making or have the potential to make an impact on…

  • Soil health.

  • Land & water use and quality.

  • Food, food lifecycles, and particularly post-consumer food waste.

Ultimately to build brands and businesses that support the intersection of the human aspiration to live better and the need to better care for our environment.  

We WORK WITH companies that:

  • Are looking for growth capital

  • Want to make a capital transition

  • Only going the VC route because there is not another option

  • Are not pure-play financial firms 



We are focused on bringing sustainable solutions to food, agriculture, and water with a pragmatic approach through founding and acquiring companies that are changing the world.

We seek to do business where there is an opportunity to create strong positive environmental benefit.



Turas Mara is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


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